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Landscapes By Michelle's Landscaping Guarantee is your key to complete satisfaction - each and every time!

Excellent service is a hallmark of our business. We value you as a client and realize that your satisfaction is crucial to earning your future business and your referrals.

An important part of establishing long-term relationships with our clients begins with good communications, so please allow us to explain some special circumstances of doing business in the green industry.

Plants are living and require maintenance and care to a varying degree. Once we have installed your landscape, you will have responsibility for the continued health and vigor of the plants. Maintaining your new landscape is not difficult.


Equally important, please call us immediately upon observing symptoms of plant decline, including wilting, leaf or needle drop, discoloration of leaves or woody stems, insect infestation, etc. This allows us to quickly determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

If you wish to keep your landscape looking its best and do not have the time or knowledge to devote to plant care, please consider our Landscaping Maintenance program. Our Landscaping Maintenance plans are custom-designed to suit the needs and preferences of individual clients.


Landscapes By Michelle warrants our plant materials to be true to name and size according to accepted industry standards. We sell only the freshest materials, with hardiness tolerance suitable to our market area. If a requested plant has a hardiness zone rating which is less tolerant, we will let you know and a substitute will be recommended; otherwise, the plant will be excluded in writing from the guarantee.

Occasionally plants will not survive the process of transplanting. We will gladly replace them at no charge. Plant materials that fail will be replaced as soon as they become available and as quickly as our schedule permits.

Within the following schedule, we guarantee to replace, once, any woody plants installed by Landscapes By Michelle that fail to grow.

One (1) year limited guarantee is provided for all woody plants (trees and shrubs, no perennials). Reasonable growing conditions must be maintained as a provision of the guarantee, including proper irrigation, insect control, winter protection, and shelter from unreasonable damage from pets or pedestrians.

Extended warranty and/or maintenance schedule only as determined by contract.

What is not included in our guarantee:

• Replacement of any plant when the account is past due or has not been paid according to terms.

• Perennials

• Vandalism or Acts of God (i.e., lightning, flooding, hail, ice storms, abnormal and/or extreme weather conditions such as prolonged sub-zero temperatures or drought, early and late season severe freezes, damaging winds, etc.).

• Replacement of plants that are damaged or die as a result of insect infestation or disease, unless covered by a Landscaping Maintenance contract. (If disease or insect infestation is diagnosed, we can apply controls for a reasonable fee.)

• Replacement of plants that are injured or die as a result of improper cultural practices, such as over or under watering, over fertilization, damage from chemical applications, etc.

• Replacement of plants that we planted by request, in areas that receive a reduced amount of natural rainfall or none at all. Plants which are not well suited to our hardiness zone or soil conditions. If any of these plants are requested by the client, they will be excluded in writing from our guarantee.

• Due to shallow root systems and/or susceptibility to moisture and temperature extremes, certain plant materials are not guaranteed. This includes plants in pots, planter boxes or containers of any kind, client transplants, annuals, groundcovers, lawn seed, sod and bulbs.

• Our guarantee is void if plants are moved

The Landscapes By Michelle Guarantee

New landscapes (plant materials only) installed by Landscapes By Michelle are guaranteed forever when maintained continuously by Landscapes By Michelle under our Landscaping Maintenance program. This Guarantee is subject to exclusions outlined in our standard Guarantee. Please ask your sales representative for details.


Landscapes By Michelle guarantees for two (2) years from the date of installation that pavers will not chip or crack and the paver surface shall be true to grade and shall not vary more than one quarter inch when tested with a 10 ft. board at any location on the surface. This guarantee applies only to hardscape surfaces that have been used within the parametrs of their original design specifications. Invoice must be paid according to terms.

Lighting and Water Features

All materials are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation. Acts of God (as described above) neglect, improper use or vandalism are not covered by this guarantee. Please contact our office if you have any questions about care and maintenance of your lighting or pond equipment. Invoice must be paid according to terms.

• Designing Estate Master Plans
• Rejuvenating Overgrown Landscapes
• Designing Outdoor Living Spaces
• Developing Low-Maintenance Landscapes
• Crafting Tranquil Water Gardens
• Creating Outdoor Kitchens
• Creating Relaxing Gardens
• Night Lighting & Outdoor Lighting
• Seeding & Sodding
• Mowing, Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance
• Pesticide, Perbicide % Soil Conditioners
• Regular Mulch & Color installation/Removal
• Lawn Fertilzing % Lawn Fertilization
• Plant and Plant Bulb installation/Removal
• And more..

Landscape Design/Build Services Include:
Landscape Design/Build Services also include:
• Estate Master Plans
• Seeding
• Rejuvenating Overgrown Landscapes
• Sod Installation
• Designing Outdoor Living Spaces
• Pesticide/herbicide application
• Developing Low-Maintenance Landscapes
• Seasonal Color installation/removal
• Crafting Tranquil Water Gardens
• Fertilization
• Enhancing Outdoor Entertainment
• Soil Conditioners
• Creating Relaxing Gardens
• Bulb installation
• Night Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Scheme
• And more...

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